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Aug 30, 2009 11:00am EDT
immediate yam that made barack obama ever give us an abe lincoln. for good and ill, how would history be different today if tv images had not made michael dukakis the object of ridicule and if chase had not lamb popped ford as a klutz. and teddy, truics watched him, gradually got to know him. his fears and his real concerns for others. what i discovered about the inner world of the last kennedy. i'm chris matthews. welcome. >> michele norris hosts "all things considered. bill plant from the "cbs news." and andrea mitchell covers foreign affairs for abc and howard fineman is with us. television now nonstop is a vehicle that gives us the news of the day and in many ways, it is what makes leaders and demolishes and defines the losers. television has changed history because turning points have been played and replayed and now on the internet. let's look at how things have changed in the last 60 years. communism was at one time the number one fear. tv fed that fear but also destroyed the fear amongerer. it brought live hearings into the living room. here's what the lucky few that had tv, j
Aug 2, 2009 11:00am EDT
for a lot of us. if enough republicans will join democrats in requiring every adult to get health insurance, is that a triumph in itself. couldn't the president say he has just one? and crazy like a fox. is the opposition exploiting that country. are screwballs calling obama kenyan doing the party's dirty work? and nahria o'donnell and yuge gene robinson. and jennifer loven and howard fineman. president's experiencing rumors about health care. this seemed to throw the president a bit off balance at a town hall. >> i have heard lots of rumors going around. i have been told there's a clause in this that everyone is mead care age will be visited and told to decide how they wish to die. this bothers me a great deal. i like you to promise me this is not in this bill. >> the -- i guarantee you, first of all, we don't have enough government workers to send -- to talk to everybody. i think that the only thing that play have been proposed in some of the bills, and i actually think this is a good thing, is that it makes it easier for people to fill out a living will. chris: this week's "wall street j
Aug 23, 2009 10:00am EDT
. so i don't think it has to necessarily be all done from head office like it used to be. chris: the great thing about the mornings for most of us is to get up at dawn and with the coffee, coffee, we read a couple of good papers. when you look out in that driveway and there's nothing there, where are we going to be at? >> we're going to be on the internet. but, in my own world, i do both now. because i have this sense while i love picking up my "new york times" and "washington post" in the morning, i've already read what's in them largely on my blackberry the night before. because i'm a news junkie and i log in. and so i know what the news is. so by the time i see it, it almost seems a little ol to me. and i love newspapers. chris: i always find something on the a section. joe kleine, you're with "time" magazine. which is the last standing "newsweek"ly. >> i don't trust myself on this story, on this topic. because this september, i will -- it will be my 40th anniversary in this business. and yeah, i blog now. and i get a great deal of satisfaction from it. but i sure -- i would
Aug 16, 2009 11:00am EDT
're starting down a road that i believe will lead us out of the economic swamp we've been in. it'll take time for the effective tax rate reductions to be felt in increased savings, and productivity and new jobs. it'll take time for the budget cuts to reduce deficits. the thing to do is to hold to a firm steady course. >> here's what is left over from george bush. first the bailouts last fall. the housing bubble. the spending on iraq. but critics say obama's problems are partly his own making. first, a lack of a stiff punch. and now his health care plan that some say could be too big. wike, we're heavily invested in this president, almost a billion dollar in stimulus spending. lots of action already. can he just blame it on the last guy. >> he's beginning to own. that's why we're seeing changes in his upon later -- pap later but the questions people are asking are these changes cyclical or permanent. i think they're permanent. barack obama has to deal with the fact that the economy is changing in a transformative way. chris: we could have a period of very high single digit unmoment. up around
Aug 9, 2009 11:00am EDT
. and there is still a certain percentage of people who still use the n word if they feel comfortable. and they think you're one of them. this exists. but i don't think it's exclusive to the south. that's a stereotype we enjoy. chris: trish, living up in new york, in that world you live in, very high level world up there, high buildings up there. i looked at the sum numbers that show there is absolutely nothing of this up there in terms was he abroad abroad, nobody believes that. >> he's still very popular up there. i think people, in some areas of the country, really the honeymoon has essentially worn off. and a lot of that comes back to the fundamentals of this economy. as they look around and they're dealing with the 9.4% unemployment rate. as they're out of work or maybe they're worried about losing their job. all of a sudden they're giving more substance, more credence to the momentum that's building online and these bloggers that are coming out of the woodwork. so there's some resentment there like with people wondering, well, why aren't things better yet? i want things to be better now. and th
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)